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09 Oct 2019
  Announcements and Notices - Discloseable Transaction Resumption of Properties
27 Sep 2019
  Announcements and Notices - (1)connected Transaction Subscription of New Shares under Specific Mandate;and (2)adjustment to Conversion Price of Convertible Bonds
24 Sep 2019
  Announcements and Notices - Inside Information Suspension of Production of Harbin Dacheng and Jinzhou Dacheng
27 Aug 2019
  Global Bio-Chem 2019 First Half Revenue Decreased by 4.6% to HK$2,799.4 Million Amid African Swine Flu Outbreak and Keen Market Competition
26 Mar 2019
  Global Bio-Chem 2018 Revenue Increased by 29% to HK$5,658 Million

2019 Interim Report

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